Travel with character

Vast experience, refined taste and a thirst for rare and exciting experiences – all the qualities which make the creators and participants of the Go to Star tours so unique. Something that began as a simple interest in finding the best journeys for friends and family has transformed into an agency, attracting a large community of passionate people. As we cross the borders of every country we visit, we expand our own borders, learning how to be more open-minded and more courageous in our discoveries.

South Africa

14 — 22 November 2019

Victoria Falls, safari and modern art

The creator’s approach

Our goal is to give our clients a full and authentic experience of the specialties of their chosen region, as well as its rich diversity, no matter whether you are interested in a weekend away or a long expedition. All that the region has to offer will be yours for the taking! No chain hotels, predictable routes or boring tour guides. Our team comprises within itself only the best art critics, chefs, architects and musicians. Every one of them – your personal guide through the world of modern art and culture.

Personalised tours

Just like a well-tailored suit, tours with us are made to measure and fit all of your needs. Interested in reserving a villa for the summer or organising a night of car racing on the streets of Tokyo? The team at Go to Star can take on any trip, including those of the corporate nature. The higher the bid, the more exciting the challenge!